This page contains the fire apparatus used by the Uniacke & District Volunteer Fire Department.  All photos were taken in front of the Uniacke House museum in Mount Uniacke.

Mini Pumper/Rescue 305
305 is a dual purpose vehicle and was the most recent apparatus purchase for our department.  305 was added to our fleet of trucks in the fall of 2012.  It responds to all medical calls as well as ice and water rescues within the community.  During structure or other fires, it also responds to dry hydrants or other water sources in the community so it can supply water to tankers.  Tankers then deliver the water directly to the scene so it can be used to extinguish the fire.  The 30 year old truck that it replaced had only been used to pump water.

Pumper Rescue 305

Rescue 303
Before the addition of 305 (pictured above), Rescue 303 was one of the primary vehicles in our fleet that responded to all medical calls, vehicle collisions and structure fires in the community.  Although it is not our primary vehicle for medical calls, 303 can still be found at the majority of our emergency scenes as it contains medical equipment, vehicle extrication hydraulics (jaws of life), vehicle blocking, generators, scene lights and many other key pieces of equipment used at multiple scenes.  303 has a walk in rear compartment and is also used as our Command Center for larger emergency scenes.

Rescue 303

More to come soon!