The members of the Uniacke & District Volunteer Fire Department want to thank everyone in the community for your support during this year’s Firefighter Fair.
We had an amazing fair Friday night with all rides big and small, along with our canteen.  The night capped off with a great fireworks display which paved the way for one of our best parades ever on Saturday.  Mother Nature paid us a visit early Saturday afternoon which unfortunately ended our rides a few hours early.  Saturday evening ended with our dance which was enjoyed by many.


The firefighters hope that everyone enjoyed all the festivities during the weekend. One final time, thank you to everyone.  This includes all volunteers who assisted with the fair and all community members who took part in the activities all weekend which ultimately results in funds raised for the department.
We also wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate some of our contest winners this weekend:


Champion Dunk Tanker: Adam Mumford ($25 Gift Certificate to Empire Theatres)
Firefighter Fun Challenge: Jacob Bilsboro with a time of 1:02 and Devon Kell with a time of 1:07 ($25 Gift Certificate to Empire Theatres)



Best Theme
1st Place: Heritage Society
2nd Place: Madeline & Benjamin
3rd Place: St. Paul’s Nursery 


Best Adult
1st Place: Heritage Society
2nd Place: Princess Windsor


Children’s Group
1st Place: Library
2nd Place: Scouts
3rd Place: St. Paul’s Nursery
Best Float
1st Place: Prospectors’
2nd Place: Powells’ Work Horses
3rd Place: Scouts 


Best Car
1st Place: Wyatt Rankin
2nd Place: Thelma Baker
3rd Place: George Pickrem
Fire Truck
1st Place: Brooklynn
2nd Place: Noel
3rd Place: Rawdon

Best Decorated
1st Place: Prospectors’
2nd Place: Madeline & Benjamin

Best Bicycle
1st Place: MacKenzie

Best Animal
1st Place: Sandra Aucoin
2nd Place: Powells – work horses
3rd Place: John Brooks